Darkness all around, a voice calls me
Aimless, faceless
Shadows surround me. I can be shadow
But I can't be down
A rotten soul, a sick man
That's what I am

I have too much inside my soul
I've trapped too many pathetic fools
Those are mine, my disillusions
Are my own Holy War

Kings beware! I'm immortal man
I will strike you down (Holy War)
Here I am to take your crown
To steal your soul to steal your mind

(Chorus)(2 Times)
I control the thoughts
Going insane the souls cry for the one
I listen to a laughing crow
'Cause I control the Circle of One

A new fresh soul, a single power
Their souls are mine
With their disillusions
The strength of many is mine
But l am, I am the only one

(Chorus)(2 Times)

A control... your thoughts
I control the Circle of One