HAHHHHHH! Uhh, yeah
It's your boy Drag-On, and I'm back
You feel me? C'mon

{Uh-ohhhhhhh! } (You're in trouble)
(You done messed with them boys, now you're in trouble)
Yeah, back up back up, get him get him, back up back 
Back up back up, get him get him, back up back up, HIT 

Y'all boys in trouble, f**kin with that boy Drag
The way my bullets fly I got jet lag
Y'all second guess Drag but I'm keepin up the R
I ain't talkin 'bout when I'm fat when I'm squeezin out 
the car
I'm talkin 'bout, me, mashin the corner
But your block broke, y'all still goin half on a 
Big boy, y'all ain't makin no noise
Nature raised me a thug y'all, gangsta's by choice; I'm 
back boy
Get used to my poise, get used to my pain, get used to 
my name
I don't even cop automatics cause I don't usually aim
f**k with them country boys that's why I got the 
country swang
Stand a bunch of beef, that's why I keep a bunch of 
I eat your face like a lunch box
And let my ox munch on it, then let my gun cock
Listen cap daddies, haha; I got a big mac patty
Gotta put you in the back of that big black Caddy - 
feel me?

Y'all askin for trouble, y'all done brung the wrong 
nigga back
My chrome on me homie, go on nigga act
Y'all ain't seein no real money, I spend 20 I make back 
Y'all spend 40 and make back 50 - y'all some real 
I see y'all still remember Drag when he was real bummy
Now I'm real rich, now ain't that real funny (haha)
I'm still real hood and y'all ain't no real gangstas
Y'all don't think I'm still real? I'll show you a real 
So gon' get your bounce boy, gon' flip your ounce boy
Live as long as you don't come up short up on the block 
Woulda thought I was Baby the way I give you these +Hot 
Cops can't stop this boy - I have 'em all like WHAT

Y'all up in a heap of trouble, you dig it you get the 
Got flip it then get it double
You count it and hit the club and pop the bubble
Look at shorty lookin sporty with the fitted cap (OH)
Soon as her man leave I'm a get at that (WHOA)
I'm a take her to the crib, you can't get her back (NO)
And if her man start problems we gon' finish that
Your man just saw me hug ya
Now look what you done did, you done got him in trouble
Sit back (c'mon!)

{Uh-ohhhhhhh! }
{Uh-ohhhhhhh! }