I would be careful with what you say
Someone could get hurt
You think there ain’t any repercussions
When you say all that dirt

It’s not even thinly veiled
We see how it all works
Constant hiccups where’s the trouble now
There’s a crack in every turn

Last time I checked no one check with me
Funny how you’re afraid of being
This is the sound of minds dying

Why you always gotta learn the hard way
You’re becoming easy to avoid
You could’ve prevented it in a lot of ways
Realize now what you’ve destroyed

Saying goodbye before I arrive
Soon I won’t have no tongue left to bite
This is the sound of minds dying

In front of the world’s biggest firing squad
At least one of the guns is empty
You be the grinding and I’m the halt
Wash our wounds with the salt of the sea

Maybe I’ve never tried
Soon there’ll be no time left to bide
Be thankful you’re not me
This is the sound of mind dying