Maybe you can see
Something no one else can
Maybe you’ve spent
Two sides of the same coin

Dimension questions
Direct my way
Too many questions
About where I may be
I’ve been found lost
I’ve been found lost

The race may be one/won by staying as far away as we can

We’ve overcome so much just to find you there
You’re not lost you’re stading in our way

Come in first and lost
Compasses so off
Too many born lost
We can’t lose this way
Anyway I’m here lost
Gone to find a way
Once I’m gone I’ll never
Come this way again
I’ve been found lost
Found myself lost

All is not lost
Just tell me where you are
In your own voice
Come on in your own voice

Where’d you find this loss
You must love being lost
Darken reflections
You can’t guide anyway
How are you not lost
Everywhere I’m lost