Your anger sees
Nothing clearly
Abandonded senses
Impaled on fences

Lacerations bleed
And we all can see
Eternal bloodletting
With the white we're all wearing

What about dreams makes you so angry
Cause not everyone has them
Or cause you're not in all of them

How's your process
Are you sure it's still works for you
Devoted to the way it's always been
Halcyon implies that it was once good

These injuries
You'll not walk away from
Have you calmed down
Are you quite done

You enter a plea
No one's buying
The innocent is guilty
Entering a new territory

How's your process?
Are you sure it's still working for you?
Didn't notice the (w)hole had grown before you climbed
Why don't you protest
Without destroying everything in your path
The path before you lies

You narrowly beat the rap
THe wrath unleahsed
So very very ugly
It must never seen or hear from again

Trying to be
Through the warring
There's no safe place here
Trying to be through this crippling fear