Damn man, I had it all before I got up in here

Girl I know that you been creeping 
Can't believe it, but I'm locked up in here
Don't get no letters or no money or no visits
Its like I don't exist
And if it wasn't for my daughters 
Then I wouldn't have no reason to live
But I've come to realize that life goes on

Since the day that I got locked up
My life's been different, oh yeah, 
cause she was my soul, my heart, my love, my best friend
I can't understand why, 
She won't accept my phone calls
Should of knew something was wrong 
When mama said "baby its time for you to move on"
Now that everything I had, is gone

See I never thought that you would
Leave me dry and all alone
'cause part of the reason I sit where I am
I was tryin to provide a home
Now I know that I'm not going to be there
Like I used to
But your promise to me 
Was that you never would leave
And that remains to be seen
I guess everything I had is lost and gone

See I had it all,
When I was on the streets
I gave you everything
(Everything that you could want)
Now that I'm locked away
With no where to turn
Now you want to up and run
(How could you do me wrong?)
All those precious times
That we used to share
Been thrown away
(As far as I can see)
See I gave my heart and soul
And now you turn away from me