I'm the overtime man, girls
Where his love stop
Mine begin, oh 
I'm the overtime man
And I don't mind puttin' the hours in

All you dudes, I'm warnin' you
You better see your old lady
All the way through
Stop gettin' what you want
And leavin' her uptight
Or I'll see that she get it
Her love rights

When you stumble and fall
Down on the job
I'm the one who sees
That her problem is solved, Lord!

I'm the overtime man-a
Where your love stop, mine begin
Lord, have mercy
I'm the overtime man, ya'all
And I don't mind puttin' the hours in

Listen, I'm Sheriff from sweetback
Rolled into one
Satisfaction guaranteed or get a refund
I'm a bad, bad, undercover cat
Girl, get your pencil 
And make the note of that

When his motor stop a-runnin'
He pulls over to the curb
I'll be steady rollin' baby
Using my reserve

Lord, I'm an overtime man, ya'all
Where your love stop, mine begin
Lord have mercy

Overtime man, ya'all
Takes care of homework that's undone
The overtime man, yeah
Will add your woman to his run

All you dudes
Tryin' to kill to birds with one stone
Throwin' your love in the street
And bring the leftovers home

You're invitin' me
To your residence
I'll be gettin' the joy, brother
While you're payin' the rent

While you're out in the street
Havin' yourself a ball
I'll be steady makin' my         
Regular house calls, Lord!

'Cause I'm the overtime man, fellas
Where your love stop, mine begin
'Cause I'm the overtime man
Lord, I'm the long distance man

I got more love
Tender love
The moment you leave.