(Dj Paul talking)
yeah! hypnotized mindz! three 6 mafia! felli fel!
heavy hitta! yeah!
we 'bout to do somethin' different we bout to make
the whole club sing and hum man, you know what im saying?
like this right here baby, going down!

(h00k) x2
we got 'em humming like...
we got the club like...
we got them girls like...
they see my ride, they like...

(juicy j)verse one
it's going down, three 6, felli fel

it's uh, it's uh, it's uh, the first of the month
and im about to go kick it,
straight to the car lot,
old car flippin,
i ain't been around
but these streets ima hit it,
and i ain't pay for all the weed
people spinnin',
you want a hood bra,
you'd be ridin' with a boss,
them suicide doors,
26's ima floss,
patron and the goose,

i drink it from the hip,
and im always at the bar,
that's where all my money's spent,
im the dope man, dope man,
selling people,snow,
im the blow man, blow man,
playa bring yah g's
up in yo hand, yo hand,
seventeen five,
is a go man, go man,
always cuttin' deals fo the,
for the discount, discount,
hurry up my nigg,
before you,
miss out, miss out,
street is drying out,
for the,
hood drought, hood drought,
all these crackers know what im,
talkin bout, talkin bout, talking bout, talkin bout


(dj Paul) Verse two
Yeah, im clean, im claine, i came, i saw,
the lowrida things with the t string draws,
the phantom, i drove, i must, i mention,
im talkin playa things