In the beginning there was a word
The word has generated a rhythm
The rhythm has given a life to movement
The bass has inhaled force in movement
And a name to this force - DJ aligator..

Hands of a hand! (hands up?)

In the year 2004
Two mighty generals
Clashed on the battlefield of dance
From the east came MC Vspishkin
And from the west - DJ aligator
Only the dancefloor can judge them
So people, put your hands up!!
When I say:

Hands of a hand!

Hands of a hand!

Give give! Give give!

Give give!
Above a hand lift!

Give give!

DJ aligator and MC вспышкин
Will make you счястливыми!

It is our house!
Your energy is necessary to us!
Well shake задницей!

Give give!
You've got me in the zone
I know you home alone
Hit me with your silicone..

Give give!
I'm just a silly man
I got my titty hands
Ladies need to understand

Give give!
And now is do or die
You can suck me dry
How you want it cutie pie

Give give!
Thank you for the freeky show
I can see that you could go
But now it time for me to go..

Hands of a hand! x2

Give give! x2

Give give!
Above a hand lift!

Give give!
Put the hands up in the sky

Give give! x3