I saw death in the human
Looking into your eyes wondering what you're abusing
Humble to abusive
confuse it what you're pursuin'
Cause' I don't know what you doin'
you don't know what
You losin'
We all got it, we all got to feel? We all got to deal
as a friend, as a fan I was supportin'
I just never wanted
You to lose sight of what was important
I blame myself for a hell of a job
Now them drugs got you questionin' God
I'm heart brokin' cause' I didn't even notice I was always on my grind
And you was slowly losing focus wish you would've been more
Open I'm still praying shit tryin' to help
But only you can find God in yourself
is running out and man I'm trying to find you some help
So glorify your situation an
d put time in yourself
Cause' you don't want that love
My nigga put that down
You don't need that shit
I don't believe this shit
Can't be believin' you if you believin' this
This from the heart they ain't teaching me shit
We all got problems, we all need change bro
Handle shit different, but we all in the same boat
Escape your fears, tryna' take what ain't yours
My nigga you don't want that love, you don't want that love
Attention ain't everything
Honestly half of the time it's envy
You look for it you gon' find but it ain't gon' be the
Attention that you thought you was gettin'
Bad decisions in a matter of minutes push you to the limits
Be mad that you did it, are you kiddin'
Play trippy, start trippin'
Then you a dream into a mission just to miss it
Supposedly overlooked it
But I'mma keep it G I ain't never been with the mushin'
You either talk about it or you learn to keep it pushin' but
Don't blame me for your mother fucking bullshit