My uncle Danny said he heard me on the radio
Surprisingly, I was angry with the phone call
Cause I don't understand what motherfuckers take me for
You never call, now you call when my song's on
I used to give a fuck but now I just expect it
I decide out of mind so your time is out of the 
Could take the time to rewind where you neglected
Your blood, we was homeless, you ain't even send a 
But we still moving, we still pushing
I told my mama act you on a real woman
So when she listen though, don't come knocking at the 
Cause I'm gonna answer that motherfucker
And slap you with a pole
Never let my mama know though
Photos, from memories, watch and smile
As she sips hennesey, the billy jean
I see the life in you, that's how it's posed to be
You were secret kept from Jehova's seed

Let the song repeat
Never stop that boy, you better let that song roll
Hey bro, let the song repeat
Lil mama, let the song repeat

And when I stop giving a fuck,
That's when you know it's over
And when they start giving it up
That's when you know you're closer
I listen to rappers nowadays and I can see the closure
She wanna give up the pussy and I don't even know her
Living the lavish life of a rap guy
Drink the same water that pass to use the baptism that 
The lonely stoner that only wants to move forward
In search of finding a queen, but women don't have no 
I'm, a bit confused, we looking for shit to do
Since I'm single when I'm I like my chicks in tubes
I like the and the chickens too
Not because I'm thirsty just some extra shit to listen 
Like an interview, I feel my heart racing, so well 
This legendary segment shit answer all your questions
I have my own beliefs, so whenever I'm on the beat
I light the weed and have my own reliefs

Let the song repeat, lil nigga
You hating too hard, gotta let that song repeat
Hey, hey bro, let the song repeat
Come on lil mama, let it go
Let the song repeat, whoa.