I purposely have the weirdest image
Foolish eye, slits in my eyebrows with a piercing in it
Yeah I'm real belligerent I do it so I leave fear imprinted
On the heart of every emcee who ain't no where near committed
The game was gay without you
You increased the queer percentage
Every time you do a show and leave the stage we hear the crickets
Hopsin's out his noggin plus I got the proper gear to win it
I ain't made a million but 2012's the year to get it
So doubt me and keep on talking shit
Cause all it does is make you look fucking stupid when I accomplish it
Tell your friends I'm washin' ways
Knock me down, call me fake
Hate is motivation and that's the reason I'm raw today
My style's explicit out of your limits coward admit it now you're addicted to the bow, horrific sound of the grimace shot 'round terrific so bow down little bitches it's FV 2012 a new phallus edition

So what you tryna do?
Right, Right
So what you tryna do?
Right, Right

Hello world it's Dizzy Wright the fucking maniac
An angel sent me a bag of weed with my fucking brain attached
Snatch yo bitch ass up wherever you claim you at
Slap you with a baseball bat with a fucking chain attached
I ain't violent my mind is just on some angry rap
Killuminati I be wherever my lord and savior at
A brave soul, my soul is already with Jesus Christ
I don't need this life I'm just here if you niggas need advice
A sacrifice is a sacrifice
You wasn't acting right and now you gon' have to deal with it after life
I'm good, my prayer getting stronger
I'm a player Funk Volume got my paper getting longer
Las Vegas soldier
I'm ready for war if you motherfuckers wanna take it there
Call up Hop and SwizZz but honestly that wouldn't make it fair
I made it rare to musically play it fair but I'm independent so don't think I won't take this chair to your facial hairs
Local legend a legend to all my locals
I'm striving to hit the top but it took awhile to get mobile
I, got a little social and perfected all my vocals
Thought I told ya I was fucking going global
Dizzy Wright nigga

Now what you tryna do?
Now what you tryna do?
Right, Right

Hey, I'm dropping in
Half pipe, I'm SwizZzle bitch
Comin' equipped with a fifth and a bag of Swedish Fish
I'm on one, like I'm standing on a number
Here's an invite to my party, bring a pillow it's a slumber
Cause I, put 'em to sleep tight tucking 'em in
So sharp a couple bars might puncture your skin
Black eyes like I got jumped and stomped out with Tims
When you're as real as me I guarantee it's hard to pretend
So I don't plan to and never will
I got the juice like I body build
Overlooked the industry and signed a deal
It's FV I'm moving independent like a loner
Dizzy got that green on deck like a batter so it's time to roll up
(Homie hold up, What?)
We gon' put it down like a toilet seat then flush until the shit floods
The flow is funky man it doesn't shower
The moment is ours
2012 FV turn it up louder

So what you tryna do?
So what you tryna do?
Yep, Yep