Look up at the sky 
Two storms arise 
Clouds come cover up the two full moons 
Try making sense of two compasses 
Chances are the road goes serpentine now 
Either one we choose 

There´s a pitch black cloud 
Hanging over our heads 
As we ride into The Double Sunset 
And there´s a pitch black cloud 
It´s hanging over our heads 
As we ride into where 
There´s no-one waiting 

We´re reading signs with four red eyes 
It´s hard when you see everything in two 
Me and my friend 
We´ll get shelter from the rain 
We rest our heads and hope that 
Sleep comes visiting us soon 


I will hold your hand 
At the bitter end 
When the camera pans 
And the soundtrack swells 
I will namedrop you 
At the gate of burning hell 
When there´s no-one else 
There´s no-one else