I know that I don't know
what you think that I should.
I'm writing my bible
so you know what I could.

Could you be the one
to abandon my spirits?
Get rid of my blindness
I need to see clearly...

I need to see clearly
for I love you dearly.
My little inferno
and all these illusions
from my total light.

To my infinite fright
is insanity my friend?
First nail in my hand...
Monsters and demons
regretful intrigues and

I'm counting the days
as my self-conscience (self-conscious) stays...
In this room full of nothing
the fool that I'm painting
while you are the warmth
and the violence I long for...

Rebellious as I am
I sing what I can't feel,
I feel like I'm crying
still always denying
and constantly craving

for heavenly places
that I couldn't find
in your ignorant faces...
Monsters and demons...