Bear witness to the scriptures that I speak in tongues
Grant me thy total devotion
Asceticism rewarded in the afterlife – inherit eternity
Rise above humankind
Judgement day is nigh
Trust in me, oh children of the next level – answer his final call
Hear the seven trumpets sound
Cult revolution – infiltrated compound
Faithful reapers of salvation ascend towards Heaven’s gate
Sinful armies impose their weaponry
Lay your lives down with dignity
Gain the afterlife through willful quietus
We must take ourselves before they take us
Consume the cyanide – mass infernal suicide
Sacred and profane creation
Anticipation of the end, a new beginning
Blind disciples cast to the darkest depths of Zion
Coerced into false redemption
Bloodshed to obtain salvation
Desolation, condemnation in everlasting damnation
Hot blood showers, mangled carnage as far as the eye can see
Souls forsaken, mass cremations, boiling seas of sanguination
Congregations exiled to the false promised land
Enraptured in supreme castigation
Suffer in eternal tribulation