I cannot suppress my se**** addiction
Sickness conquers me until I spew my semen
Driven by a violent predisposition and a weakness for unwanted fornication
They typically like to play hard to get
The more they resist me the harder I get
Stimulated by the thought of violation
Think I’ll find another object for my taking
Masculinity, strength and my cock join forces to take what is ours
Predatory instincts take control – I stalk the darkest streets
Sociopathic deranged hunger – hunting for easy meat
Here one walks in my direction to service my er******
Heart pounding, sweat dripping – I draw closer
Overcome by the rush
Her dead eyes reveal pure disdain and revulsion for mankind
All at once my face caves inward – confusion creeps up my spine
Coerced at knifepoint into the darkness so that my pain goes unheard
Bound, hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded where more men have been slaughtered
Stripped of more than just my pride – completely naked I lay
Forced compliance of her demands, please, Lord Satan, let me die
Cold, naked, and shivering
Pulled upright onto my knees
Blindfold removed – I watch the sharp steel bear down across my face
Mouth ruptures wide open torn and bleeding – jaw drops to my chest
Blood pours as she tears my tongue out with her teeth, she chews and spits out
Blood-soaked, I writhe in defeat
Emasculating misandry
Devastating, humiliating
Demoralized with no escaping
The hacking and the mutilation persist
With the butcher knife, she slices off my dick
Shoving my cock in my mouth until I choke
The flesh becomes further embedded in my throat
Brutally eviscerating my lower torso
Intestines ripped from my stomach to my asshole
With her final act she douses me in gasoline
Set aflame, my body burns – the pain is overwhelming
Misandry rules misogyny
Gathering the pieces of charred flesh for her own consumption
Reveling in the sadistic ways obtained by molestation
Created by a violent upbringing from childhood
Hideous tendencies fueled by hatred and antipathy