Condemned to excessive archaic means of death by the beasts of tyranny who rule with iron fists
Symbolic power resonates throughout the ages
to strike fear deep into the hearts of their enemies
A human achievement of artistic ingenuity
combined with a sadistic imagination
Hollow body chamber cast entirely out of bronze
Using the most perverted sense of imprudent cruelty
Fitted with tubes to distort the screams of those sentenced to cook
Nefarious torture and diabolical execution
Thrown into the belly of the brazen bull of hell
Locked inside in order to be roasted alive
Naked in darkness the alloy feels cool to the touch
Kindle the fire beneath
Temperature rises – sweat begins to drip from your pores
Stoking the flames under this bronze creation
Heat engulfs and overwhelms those who live in transgression
Screams of pain translate to the sounds of bovine bellowing
Imprisoned and entombed within the makeshift oven
No escaping from slowly roasting like a fucking pig
Claustrophobia and suffocation sets in
Skin begins to blister as nerve endings melt away
Now the heat intensifies the pain becomes unbearable
Smoke and stench of broiling human meat permeates from its nostrils
Calefaction with no mercy – feeling your own flesh sizzle
With every movement inside the hot belly you’re greeted with a hiss
Slowly succumbing to death
Torture – the ruling passion of the ancients
Insidious apparatus of cremation
Merciless martyrdom through incineration
Reduced to nothing but ash, bones, and gristle
Triumph and victory over all those who oppose