Biological weaponry unleashed by our insane leaders
Exposing the world to life-consuming plague contagions
Infectious agents transmitting their vile contagious filth
Vulgarly imposing their will – unshielded by quarantine
Systemic pathogenic
Catastrophic pandemic
Continents conquered by way of airborne contact
Thus the end of life has reared its ugly head
Land and sea succumbing total inundation
Rancid incubation
Pernicious earthly holocaust targeting all forms of life
Sickness blacker than decay – incurable and unending
Impending darkness – global devastation through biological eradication
Human vectors of transmission chanting blame unto the heavens
Rapidly spreading profane wholesale pandemonium
Miasmatic warfare through large scale contamination
Imperiled landscapes, populations reduced to nothing
Inevitable extinction through deadly propagation
Outbreak of the epidemic, never to recover
Ash and darkness consumes a world void of its inhabitants
Scourge of obsolescence prevails over all existence
Never to be extirpated – thriving in all seasons
Clandestine usurping
Earth now inhospitable to all things that resemble life
Landfills writhing with infection
Stench corrodes the atmosphere
Civilization withers away
Systemic pathogenic
Catastrophic epidemic sent forth to crush the planet