Rooted deep within my psyche dwells another being – incurable and unrepentant in its isolation
Kill me now before I kill another motherfucker dead
Disconnected socially – abnormal genetic psychopathy
Cold-blooded homicidal fixation
At home they know not of what I have become
Driven to kill by predation
Schizophrenic profanation
Motivated simply by self-gratification
My grisly practices remain undetected
Death by torture, my only salvation
To slowly die in pain must be the greatest gift of all
False perception through psychosis
There are many more like me – products of society
Hiding in plain sight as we walk among you
We are your sons, brothers, husbands, friends and fathers
Ordinary men by day – concealing offal secrets.
Meticulously devising plans to murder
Littering the woods and riversides with human detritus
Homicidal ideation – abductions through seduction
Gashes to ashes, dust to fucking dust
Dumping bodies, one by one
The stench of death permeates the air we breathe
Strangulations and dismemberments
Eternal mask of sanity