Ligature around your neck fastened to a makeshift gallows
Both ends securely tightened – terminal gravity
Bend your knees to apply tension
Feel the rope constrict your air ways
Achieve unconsciousness
Modum Sui Morte
Life is not worth all the pain
Use the rope to end it all
Death is near and everlasting
Soon the noose will set you free
At war with your own existence – just fucking kill yourself
Power through survival instincts
Tonight is your night
Through persistence you’ll gain death
Bear down to apply more pressure, lean further into it
Worry not of an intrusion, no one really gives a shit
Hang in there, rid this world of your despondence
Welcome death, give up on your fucking life
Hang in there, soon you’ll reach the other side
Finish it, embrace eternal damnation
Keep pushing forward – feel your brain swell as your heart rate plummets
Don’t give up now; this world is much better off without you
Blackness has now been achieved, there’s only a few seconds left
Blood flow to your brain has ceased, prepare to take your final breath
Tunnel vision sets in, next week you’ll be found dead and rotten
They’ll question themselves for what you’ve done, but soon you’ll be forgotten