Overwhelmed with pure revulsion as I stare into the mirror
Physically problematic attributes disdained in horror
Social situational avoidance due to imaginary shortcomings
Suicidal thoughts provoke me to eradicate these anomalies
Mortified at the sight of myself, I must purge these deformities
With a knife I begin slashing at the defects that inundate me
Under the influence I slice the margins of my fucking face
My fingers slide beneath the skin
Hell bent on self-mutilation
With fervor I peel the skin away from my skull
Created in God’s bizarre mutant-like image
The need to completely destroy the bane of my appearance overcomes me
Slicing what was once my face into smaller edible pieces
Shoveling chunks of my own tissue into my goddamn mouth
Masticating every piece to become fully digested
Gazing deep into the mirror
Grinning at the blood soaked mess
Triumphant in my grisly deed
Knowing I must finish myself off
Faceless in my contemplation
The pain unbearable
Bolt-action chamber loaded – staring down the business end
Preparing myself for the blast to come
Barrel in my mouth
With no regret I pull the trigger