Over the mountains there is a thought,
Vision of kingdom to come
Dream of Angels raped by The One Who Knows...

Hear them crying
And see their tears falling down with rain
The old world is dying
And You have to face their eternal pain

He who paints the sky in red
He who rules the world of dead
Has risen again, blood has to be shed
Take that cold piece of cold steel and proudly rise Your head!

To war!!! In the name of liberation!
To war!!! That is Your final declaration!
To war!!! Create some new, much better nation!
To war!!! As this is Your own coronation!

Give the angels back their dreams
Give them freedom and will to sin
Spread out their wings, help them to fly
They will be laughing at You, watching…
…how You die!!!

They are taking You high over the mountains
Between the worlds of thoughts
You have been always dreaming to discover
Soon they will whisper divine visions of Kingdom to come
Straight to Your fucking dead ears!!!