Honky Tonk Champagne

Broke down in Amarillo.
But that's alright with me
'Cause there's a jumpin' little juke joint that I know
Got everything a country boy needs
They got a two steppin' band
Playin' my kind a jam in Texas
'Cause it drives me insane
I can hardly wait  to have a long neck taste of
Honky tonk champagne..
Honky tonk champagne
Well I can hear it callin' out my name
Tomorrow I'll be gone, but tonight I'm goin long
Sippin' honky tonk champagne

Well I believe in moderation
'Cause I ain't out to hurt no one
But everyday I'm workin' hard at makin' a livin'
Now I'm playin' hard at havin' fun
Yeah, my big rig's down
And I'm losing money now
But tonight you won't hear me complain
Gonna have a large time, feels good to be alive
Sippin' honky tonk champagne

(Repeat Chorus)

c'mon son.

(repeat chorus 2 times)