Well, I can't forget the day we met how I could clearly see
With picture-perfect vision, she was the only one for me
My perception of a heavenly love was right there in my sight
I never saw the true writin' on the wall, 'cause she was standin' in my light

Bought her a diamond ring; nearly everything this workin' man could not afford
A Chevy, a house, and the credit cards to her favorite department stores
Loved her all I could; I can't believe she would run off with some ol' used to be
Guess ya never know what the future holds, 'cause for her it wasn't me

And they say lookin' back is a lesson, and that's why I won't forget her
Through the smoke and haze of bein' burned, I can see things a whole lot better
Lord, I was blind, but now I find since she did me down and dirty
Hindsight's not twenty-twenty, it's more like a 30-30

Now I'm pickin' up the pieces of this shattered, broken heart of mine
Been searchin' for the lovin' parts, but the hurtin' ones are all I find
When she took her aim, she wasn't playin' no games
Lord, she dropped me right to my knees
She untied our knot with a perfect shot and put me into my misery


Lord, hindsight's not twenty-twenty, it's more like a 30-30