best your fists against the inevitable nothingness
on your knees pray to your oppressor in heaven

futile attempts to save your soul
a result of shit forced down your throat
you have been spat on, you have been lied to
to become a liar yourself
they possessed you, embraced you
in the grand emptiness
you're heading to nothing in onward march

a means to control the flock of fearing sheep
rising above the gods - only the ones who see
beyond the legacy of centuries of lies
beyond the distortion embedded in the pious minds

an oath born in fear for an exchange of false redemption
cowardice incarnate, hailstorm of degeneration
fetish of the millions, bastard messiah crucified 
you will see no savior when it's time to fucking die

scene the approaching shadow
as decay bites into your flesh
transcend the godliness, enter the absolute of death