Endless quest for enlightenment
Driven to extremes to become one with the exalted - reach immortality

Stemming from Shingon doctrines
Bizarre customs emerge
Practice of living embalmment baffling
Uninitiated minds

Persevere to preserve... (Your earthly vessel)
Your earthly vessel becomes a monument of spiritual sublimity...
(Sublimity) achieved through acts of self-denial
Endurance beyond humanity

Stage 1
Meditation beneath icy waters
Self imposed hardships to drain body fat
Merciless reduction of food intake
Deprived of all earthly pleasures

Stage 2
Bark and roots, your sole nutrition
Toxic substances cause rapid loss of budy fluids, vomiting
Arsenic ingestion corrupts
The little meat left on your bones

Stage 3
Encased alive in your tomb
Engrossed in spirituality
The bell rings for 13 days
(Until) silence signals transformation

Strengthened through excruciation
Body fat extermination
Deliberate contamination
Flesh now unfit for consumption

Tormant chocked through meditation
Locked tight in Lotus position
Successful mummification
Postmortal idolization

Sacred site of admriation
A dead body's exhibition
Visitors confronted with greatness