Bound to the lifeless body of her deceased spouse
Firstborn lits the flame to burn both the living and the dead

Made responsible for husbands undoing
Failure to protect from harm seals her fate

Twisted celebration
Unity in death
Worthless as a widow, now begins the
Coerced sacrifice.........

…..And a cloud of human smoke
Engulfs the congregation
…..And you watch in horror
as her body becomes a blistered mess

Family tree uprooted
All within a few days,
For loyalty and prestige
Tradition is carried out

Morbid chants - deeply drenched in dogma
As they claim - her absolute devotion
Sacred shrines - To be built in her honor
Won't alleviate the torment as she burns.......

Horrifying screams, from her melting face,
Terror fused with grief, A world crashing down
Shock carves your psyche, tears will soon dry,
Religion will brainwash, to perpetuate the sickness