Multiple synchronized pulsations
Incapacitate and kill
Alluring odours befalling unknowing victims
Ignorantly relishing in forthcoming yet misbegotten spoils

Silently permeating the fortress of a breed
Perceived as inferior, mistakenly deprecated
The dormant horde awakening to nullify the intruder
Soon to be cast into an infernal demise

In the blink of an eye
Assailant beset by the swarm
Masses gather to crush the opposer

One by one they tremble
In formulated convulsions
A harmony of blistering tremors
Begin to forge the void
Scorching beneath the surface
Enthralled within the furnace

Congregation of ritualistic defilement
To extract the penance
Vacant vessel forsaken
Dominance discarded
Cauterized cadaver negated
Incapicitate and kill