At the end it's just the sentenced and me
We're all alone in this room he is staring
At me through the pane of glass diving the
Gas chamber from me
Clothed which thick acid corroded leather
Abroad heavy cloves on my hands and an
Oxygen mask in my face
I let the gas flow in
Horrified I see the man stocking his breath
So senselessly trying to escape the
Effects of the gas
The metamorphosis from life to death
Unleashes an immense monstrosity
Of the dying
With bulging eyes he stands in front of me
In my room is this real or is it just in my mind
Die by hideous symptoms can't find sleep at night
Armed with a gun I search for this man
I know he is here in my room the last one
I have killed
Spectacles of horror are happening before
My eyes thick white slaver runs out of
His mouth
Watching the sentenced dying in panic
Stricken ecstasy these pictures from a
Psychosis that destroys my sanity