Virvum of the human is the strongest of all beings 
They will be hunted for this mighty source 
Not having knowledge pf the ancient power 
They are the youngest of all created beings 
Although the youngest they are the strongest 
Unknown alien life forms 
Living millions of years longer than us 
The Universal war will begin 
With the signs from the skies 
Since the Gods of human force 
Has set their seeds on man 
Evolving at a frantic pace 
Conceiving gaining numbers globally 
The Gods instill the art of war 
Which must be practiced amongst each other 
For thousands of years 
The arts are redefined 
Demigods and rulers set standards for all battles 
Intelligence grows 
So comes forth gears of war 
Advancement in eradication grows rapidly 
Bomb upon bomb the earth is pummeled 
Invention of air and water travel excels 
The art of combat 
Delivering, heightened, amounts of casualties 
Redefining the primitive ways of the past 
Though keeping archaic fighting secrets 
Mankind's zeal 
Is felt through the stars 
Triggering response 
To harvest virvum from beyond 
Ship upon ship 
Head out to study and observe the planet 
Cloaked invisible to our sight, unseen 
The others decide 
From planetary archives go forth 
On full virvum harvest invasion 
Humans in the next one hundred years 
Will learn and advance faster than 
Any time period before 
Twentieth century marks the first 
Space travel and intellectual growth in discovery 
What was not thought possible 
Now Verity 
Visitors spies being present for thousands of years 
See the advancement shift 
Worldwide structural collapse 
Is planned by the others 
For the insertion of the virvum harvest 
And mass collection temples 
But first the seeds 
Of eradication pods are planted 
To alter the future