Ancient beings withering
Rejuvenate through Virvum
Celestial serpents slithering
Through the ether of the universe
Enveloped by a wind of ether and a sea of stars

Archaic winds whisper in alien tongues 
In an expedition guided by Zeal
Conducting a spacecraft in a forged
Symphony of sour notes

Metronomically in time
But manic in its' choice of notes

Somewhat resembling 
A twisted bach of choral 
Foreign scales shift
In their transition 
Linear passages 
Of ancient harmonics
Laying asymmetrical 
Bending time

Melting nebulas
Paint abstract astral architecture 

Ancestors of the sky 
Create exotic knots
Out of cosmic strings
Weaving a web
From astral fabric
Patiently waiting
For the prey to take a step

Wormholes blossom
At their passing
A rift in space
Now unlocked
Ship and space
Juxtapose in embrace
A juxtaposition 
Of life and nothingness 

Intertwining at subluminal speeds
The theory of relativity is ever so present now