Lecturing with human archives
Containing copious accounts of sorrow
Lashing out to gratify
The petulance within

Grisly exhibition of prey
Refined to a science
Unleashing wrath and vengeance
Egotistic author of disdain
Praising the fame

Insolent homicides - Thrill Killer

Licentious avarice
Viciously Inclined - Driven

Embracing immortality
Avowed Depraved

Imposing distutants
Designate prey for symbols of retaliation

Carcasses put on display
Resentful of humanity
Authorities left to investigate
The evidence leads to no one

The killer laughing in their face
Toying with forensic science
Exasting domination
Rejecting all standards of morality

Imposing disputants
Designate prey for symbols of retaliation

Insolent homicides - Driven

Publicly disposing trophies
The ultimate violation
Proud of his addiction
He will never desist