They met in the dark of the night
For a Final time
For the great showdown
Two dreamers deciding which path to take
One for their future
One for the present
"I was standing strong until you showed your face to ruin and ravage everything we've planned."
"Your dream is empty with its promise of self fulfillment. The future holds so much more for us."
One of us will die before this is over
The sword of vengeance glistens in the moonlight
Her words fall silent as he makes his attack
"Now we will find out who truly holds the power."
"I'm waiting for you to relinquish your hold."
"There is no room for us, so you must be destroyed."
"Then I'm afraid this is unavoidable."
His blade plunges deep
Cutting down to the core
And with her last gasp for breath
All her dreams and aspirations fade
She pleads for him to see
For him to see the truth
And with one final slice she's gone forever
No more dreams
No more tears
She's gone
Bleed for nothing now for no one hears your cries
He stands there victorious and alone
Suffering through what he himself has made
"Without her, there is no point to my fight."
He sees it all as it slowly begins to fade
One of us will die before this is over
He realizes now, without her
Live loses point
Without the battle, without their struggle
Life loses point
He has no purpose now
Life loses point
As everything fades, Everything fades
Life loses point
The struggle was keeping us both alive