We're touching down on Janus 
Last of the dying planets 
Her buried wealth and splendor 
Had never been surrendered 
For in these trying times 
The flags of war waved high 
On and on and on 
Gone and gone and gone 

As the fields of fire burned 
No one seemed concerned 
The future was consumed 
And where destinies collide 
Can anything survive 
I stand inside the ruins 

Beneath the dust of Janus 
The seeds of war were planted 
They fought against all reason 
Burning the flags of freedom 
And as their hatred spread Like rivers bloody red flowed
On and on and on
Gone and gone and gone
I too was taken cold 
By the spirit and the soul
In a land of no one left
Still in silence and in death
A planet put to rest
She touches and she goes

So if we should survive
If all our worlds collide
Exploding in the light
Are we these islands of the sun
Old before we're young
Gone before we're done
We're touching down on Janus