I've waited to say so long
To the shame that owns you
The limits are bound
There's more to be found inside of you
Give it some time
The voices seem heavy, I know this
If you play by the hour
It's where you begin not where you will end
And I feel like I am living
Where no one can find me
And I don't know how I've landed here
Sometimes I feel like
Those good things are behind me
Is the road supposed to get better than this
And I'll find
Yes I will find
Yes I will find

So long to the faith
Believe in yourself, no fantasy
Discovery blind
I hope you will find
The truth here
Give it some time
Believing and knowing are two different things
Play by your hour
It's where you will end not where you begin

Get up and open your eyes
Don't let yourself ever fall down
Get through it and learn how to fly
I know you will find a way

It's the same damn dirty road

I will find a way