Hole in my boat where the damage is leaking the
Beasts in the bushes are pleasantly shrieking the
Sky is a slideshow of planets enflamed and we
Dream of the spaces that lie between frames
Thrown out of bars again I'll take the heat for you
I can't say I think about things that we didn't do
Now your life story is padding your bank account
Fill in the blanks there ain't much to talk about
You don't let me bleed
All these years have made a man of me
I was chosen I never asked to be free
Flickering halos that flare up like car bombs
Books where the endings are written in margins
We all cross our fingers we all cross the line sometimes
Don't get discouraged that what's yours is mine
Flotsam and jetsam on avenue a you wind
Down a black window of a white limo and
Take in a nostril of new city sewage reflect
On your daughter that's left in the ruin
You don't let me bleed
All these years you can't say something nice to me
You just act like I'm fucking crazy