I live for her
With every breath
Ever since she first entered my heart
I don't remember where or when
Nothing can stop what love has started
There is a voice within my soul
There is a part that makes me whole
I live for her now and forever

I live for him you know I do
No reason of rhyme for being jealous
There is a part of me and you
There is a light that shines within us
Beyond the moon beyond the sun
Love is a part of everyone
For all the lost and lonely - I live for him

She's the music of the sunshine
He's the rhythm of the rain
Melting violins that fly on the wings of an angel
Yes I live for her

I live for him he makes me feel
Sometimes sweet and sometimes fire
Love can bruise and love can heal
Love is the milk of my desire
I live for her you know I do
When I'm away I suffer too
But at least she makes me feel I'm alive

And I just can't live without him
In every lonely hotel room
He can give me so much pleasure
Beyond the sun beyond the moon
She can fill me with the saddest emotions
Give voice to the madness

I live for her and nothing else
What can I do can't help myself
How many people can say as I do
I live for her - I live for him
With my back against the wall
I live for him out on the edge
When tomorrow starts to fall
I live for him and nothing else

Everyday there is a battle that rages
The conquest will always be love

I live for her right here and now
No exit sign no other way out
She is the music of my soul
She is the child that lives within us
I live for him because he gives
Beauty and grace to every breath
If there's another life to live
I'd give it to him

I live for him - she is the music of the night
I love for him - she is the music of my life
I live for him

Yes, I love for her - I live for love