Between the white and the black
Where the grey interacts
Within the margin of reason and lies
A line must be drawn

Fear of an opposing
Thought is ours
Ages upon ages of distrust
Feed the war machine
That’s in our minds
Fundamental truths
Now set aside
Territorial immemorial

The anger attached to the bone
Digs in deep and poisons the core
The scorn of the nefarious scribe
Must be heard through the ages

Tune the instrument to reasons light
Measure what is equal, what is right
The venom spreads itself
Through thought and word
Boundless and protective
At the core
Territorial immemorial

Break momentum again
The forces of will is upon us
If man is the measure
Then anything goes

Draw from and interpret the absurd
Borne on antiquated lost ideals
From the oppressor
To the blinded prisoner
Our goals are just the same
Territorial immemorial