I know that my life
Would not be complete
When the borders of time
Are ready to relieve

I can hear them call
The grass painted grey.
They need us to run,
But sometimes it's too late,,,

To roam this way again

Trying to pretend
All the time we spend
Never been so close to the past.
Symbols of the end
Make us understand:
Time is out, we've gone too far.
Trying too pretend...

We're stuck in the days,
Searching for life,
Alone in the space,
No one to say good-bye

I can hear them call
The moon wraps me up.
When stars are to fall,
When our time's to stop...

And no way to go


Fields are faces
(I can read your mind,
I can recognize
Words come back - the echo of the end

In these places
(You'll be left behind
Weight for your turn to climb high),
Where we hid from time dancing with the