You know you can't stand down.
You can't reach the ground
and everyone around pretends to hear the sound.
Don't say it, don't say it too loud.

They wanna steal your style.
Put you in a whyle,
They wanna name your file
and get you on a dyle.
Just play it, just play it like a child.

Don't let go what you know
and you can take it. 
(You can take it, you can take it)
Don't you know
It's on the show, but you can fake it.
You're outside, you're outside, you're outside the range.
You're outside, you're outside.
You know, wanna be just like you.

You're on a live-speed airwave.
Never care what they say.
Doing your thing your way,
another hipster x-ray.
Keep pushing and you'll blow them all away.

[Chorus x2]