In my love
I have dreamt of you
Obtaining a view
A cow in the cattle
In my dream
I was in the fight
Focussing the light
A crow in the battle
But when, at my end, I meet the Great Queen
I shall die happy because I'll have her seen
And in the fray when I am getting colder
I may support a black crow on my shoulder
My black crow just crackle
Casting me a shackle
And then, I'll know, before feeling me frozen
That I have been by the Phantom Queen chosen
She will be my lover...
The Great Queen
From above
Phantom Queen
Got my love
She is the queen tyrannic
Of love, warfare and panic
The Great Queen
Has ay been
Phantom Queen
At the end
She is there and shows
How my blood-stained clothes
Washes in the river
This is the time of worshipping her figure
Before she extracts from the kidneys its vigour