I've seen it in my dreams
so many times before 
it looks like a child
but I know it's so much more 
in swinging swirling madness 
I can hear it breathing 
it's calling me and wants to play 
that same old silly game again

it's standing next to my bed 
when I lay awake at night 
and the cold little hands are reaching out for mine 
I try not to scream yeah 
when she whispers in my ear 
"I'm afraid of the dark, can I please stay here for awhile?" 

I didn't ask for this or did I? I don't know?
this is what Jesus might have asked you on death row 
I am the star in obscure nazi fantasy 
lurking in my dharma 
how the prophet disapproves of me! 

It's not a crime but I'm doing the time 

oh god in your great mercy
shed your light on us 
deliver us from our shadows 
I know that just some nonsense make-believe to help me go through the night 
oh it's quite clear that there's no hope for me, there's no hope for you