Not that you want to be

 Out of curiosity

 Just a corsage of the world

 I was in love with a girl

 I would the violence foresee

 All that it ought to be

 Blessed by generosity

 Sure to put your heart in a whirl

 Stop to pick up a dollar bill

 As the blood drips at the mill

 You have fried chicken

 You ate it up so fast

 Laid down its life just for you

 Now you have nothing to do

 Just a television tube

 Oh for goodness sake

 And the love you make

 Skipping stones at the lake

 You have a half baked idea

 To think we'd be so glad to see ya

 Lost in your lonely room

 How they grow up and bloom

 Young girls in the magazine

 How they took part in your doom

 Baby step out of the room

 Hunger and lust for life

 She was like any housewife

 Darning the socks with concern 

 Glad you ever were born

 Just to get up in the morn

 While all the while you work

 Surrounding by amateurs

 Craving and love showing fame

 Thinking your hope was refrained

 In the emotional pain

 Nothing to do but cry

 As you dry your eyes

 Watching the soap opera die

 Longing for the freedom of success 

 When we're all just a temporary guest

 Living in such a mess

 I'll bring you back again

 To the flight you used to have been

 How could you really win

 Pledging your resistance to sin?

 Applied in the twilight

 Anything to make it right

 When there's nothing left but nothing

 But an empty song

 Why did it have to go wrong

 How it all works out

 Something about it so

 Thinking that love is a crime

 You were a friend of mine

 Standing there with missed time

 You're gonna make a joke

 That is sure too follow

 Happy to be that way

 Tomorrow is a brand new day

 What do you have to say?