I took a trip
A trip with my dad
I packed the lunches
He scored the tabs
We took his wagon
And all of my tapes
The road was our planet
And we were the apes
We started in the valley
And headed for the clouds
We left behind mother
You know that three is a crowd
I took a trip with my dad
You know it made us both feel better
We talked a lot about the things we had
When I took a trip
A trip with my
We passed a road sign
Yellow molten face
He told us to slow down
We started to race
Then all of a sudden
I had to grab the wheel
My dad was laughin' and buzzin'
He was electric eel
We started rising
Along with the road
Bankin' the S-turns
Up the mountain we flowed
He shut her down at the summit
We had a good look around at the world
It took a lifetime to get here
I hope we never come down
I took a trip with my dad