what is god, well i don't know it what is faith, they try hard to sow it what are lies, i think i've heard them from the preachers cross, i think he burned them what is hate, is it a holy war you can get it anytime, they've got it stored what is dogma, just step in line so it can blind you by design [Chorus:] if there's god why does he sit on his butt instead of saving the devoted he just spawns fanatical nuts torture and murder keep the world spinnin' 'round if there's god he's fallen down i look a little, god's work is disturbing i look a little more, i see his flock hurting i look a little harder, i see a child tortured by a devotee who's become a vulture i watch them bow to the devotion i watch them kill the dissention i watch them force their blindness, their blindness on you [Chorus:]