You can't break me down, you can't bother me
Cause I'll end up living honestly
I've told you once and I've told you twice
If you're gonna move on you'd better take my advice

It should inform and it's a form of truth
So pick up the pace, I'm not scared of you
This struggle that we've had for years
It matters this cause we always feared

You've seen in once and I've seen it twice
Yea when in fact it's getting you right
There's too much time and not enough to drees
Let's pick up the pace so you'll get there

I've been stayin here to hold my breath
And help you see it's so profound
But I'm gonna be here to hold my ground
To help you see what's so profound

I could feel you sense of disappointment
I could tell you wanna be further along
But it's not as bad as we once starred
So we shout out the answers and we carry on

It's so much to see and not enough to be bad
So let's speak of the place and walk me there

I'm gonna stay here and hold my ground
In hell do you see what's so profound
I gonna stay here and my hold my ground
And help you see what's so profound