Ungentle exhumation
Must be thorough, remove it all 
Catalogue every part, 
Then rape them and eat them 

How dare them bury 
what should be mine 
My dead companions 
on which I dine 

Penetrate the dead hole 
Please, O lord, just let it smell 
and let mankind's puniverse 
be befouled just for me 

My graveside manner
lacks no finesse 
These ravaged bodies 
betray no distress 

As I tear apart the dead things
I annoint them with my seed 
and gain new insights into death 
with their consumption 
Yet I wonder, 
What if I were something dead?

Somewhere there's a graveyard of ghouls
with a massive headstone 
that waits just for me; 
Maybe someday 
Someone will come