Stricken by fear
Feelings you generate
Cries turn to laughs
Laughter turns to hate

That's the way it is, never seems to change
Minds were filled with hope, now are filled with rage

Scream all you want
It won't go away
It keeps coming back
A laugh in your face
Fight for your life
And dig your own grave

So much hatred
Knife in my back
There is no one
It just went black

They will tell you
Life's not that bad
Modern sucker
It all went black

Death is their friend
Someone on to rely
Have you got a future
Because your gonna die
Breed us to kill
Fill our head with lies

Hatred burns deep
Eyes of our youth
Rebellion at hand
Catching up with you

That's the way it was, now it's time to change
Minds are filled with hope, thoughts to rearrange