They'll promise you your future
In their hands you'll succeed
Believe in every word they speak
More contributions to their greed

Service for the fools
Preach and you will listen
Follow God without
Breaking the rules
Look at all the lives
So taken by religion
Now initiated
Circus of Fools

All you really believe in
Is how much you can scam
It's all about donations
To the loving preacher man
He's always there for you
Sunday morning's PTL
Well if Heaven is like this
I'd rather go to Hell

I'll make you holy - Just give me more
Time is what I need - To get into your brain
Filled with lies so profound - You prey to me
And think I can help - No way
I am the righteous one - To help you find your soul
It's too bad - You are blind
You can't see through my lies
Which make you want to give
You believe you are saved - No way