I obliterate all feelings of mine 
This is the beginning of the end 
You repress a revolt inside 
You won't succeed 

Fear disappears in infernal fire 
Venomous flames burn your desire 
Ashes to ashes, blast to blast 
I feed my power with false trust 

Rip off the dirt that smears you from birth 
Try to take your own torch and find the way 
I am The One, Cosmic Power Of Destruction 
Open the gates and follow The Beast... 

... Here comes my microarmageddon... 

Satanic syndrome six-six-six 
I lead the crowds of threading crucifix 
Fuck the human words of devotion 
Satanic syndrome is the right emotion 

... Here comes my macroarmageddon... 

From fire and carcass you garbage! 
You trod your hope on pessimism's edge 
False acclamation has blinded you 
Now you feel pain of the double betrayal!